Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Is Karam Singh?


The sand issue had worsened and it has now gone beyond the Selangor government's power to rectify it. With the latest revelations, businesses controlled by Chinese gangsters have gone about continuing the rape of the land, under the protection of DAP.

The recent revelations of illegal sand mining around the Dengkil area has proven just that, the inability or the lack of wanting to enforce the law. The Paya Indah wetlands has now become collateral damage.

On Monday, the Selangor State goverment panicked and chased out a BN assemblyman from the hall when he raised the issue of illegal sand mining, because of the inundated calls about it.

Many claimed that Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim are cooperating with the illegal sand toykays and followed instructions from Selangor DAP leadership especially one from state Exco member Ronnie Liu.

Some claimed the sand issues was highlighted by Azmin Ali in his conspiracy to take over Khalid's post.

There are to many speculations but one thing for sure, illegal sand digging through out Selangor is not illegal as it is approved by the state government!

The sand supply in the industry is moderate. For an example, the price of digging sand in Dengkil cost apparently RM220 million in just several weeks.

The writer suggest that environment investigative reporter Karam Singh Walia to do a piece on sand mining as he was fond to do before the elections.

Could it be that his silence is a sign of his support of Pakatan Rakyat?

It does not matter who he supports but as a journalist who has the tools and the power to tell the truth, he should be fairly investigating the sand mines in Selangor and revela the truth whilst at it.

As a senior environment investigative reporter in TV3, Karam must come forward with pride and dignity to investigate the sand issue in Selangor and with that cull the culprit.

Aduan Rakyat must beneft the country and solve national cases instead of solving cases for the self interest of minorities.

Surely Karam Singh Walia, the champion of environmental issues can find a story here right?


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