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What Indians Need To Know About PAS?

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What Indians Need To Know About PAS?

PAS members found to be involved in the cow head protest outside the Selangor state secretariat building will be severely dealt with, said Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad.
He said PAS would not hesitate to sack anyone from the party if they were found to have been involved in the protest.
He, however, refuted claims that four of the party members were involved in the Aug 28 protest in Shah Alam.

Khalid was referring to The Star report Thursday claiming that four PAS members were involved in the cow head protest against the relocation of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple from Section 19 to Section 23.

“I want to know what the allegations are based on, about the four protesters being PAS members. Was it just based on hearsay or do they have proof?
“If there is proof, then we will definitely take action as the protest is contrary to the party’s principles and beliefs,” said Khalid.
He also urged those with proof to come forward and provide the party with the necessary information so that appropriate action could be taken against those involved.

The True Colors of Pakatan Rakyat Supporters…

It’s mind-boggling how the initiators of the “cow-head” protest in Shah Alam unabashedly accused Umno as being behind the provocative and humiliating incident on Friday.
We are no fans of Umno but the numerous photos of the protestors in the media and the blogs tell us a different story and the faces of the actual instigators – they are from PAS and PKR!
It seems that the Opposition-led Selangor State Government had failed to listen to their own people when they decided to shift the Sri Mahamariamman Hindu temple from Section 23 to Section 19. The residents had actually send protest letters to the MB and Exco but they fell on deaf ears.

In disgust, the PKR and PAS protestors marched from the Alam Shah mosque to the Selangor State Government meeting after Friday prayers to register their protest, equipped with a severed head of a cow – a sacred animal among the Hindus.
The group was headed by chairman of the residents’ committee Mahyuddin Manap, a Wangsa Maju PKR member. His assistant is Ibrahim Sabri, a PKR and Anwar Ibrahim supporter who have been in and out of lock-up several times.

And the protestor who led the prayer recital is a PAS member better known as Amin.
So how can Umno be involved in instigating the incident as claimed by Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, ADUN Rodziah and Exco Dr Xavier Jeyakumar ?
We the Rakyat realise that the Opposition have no capability, finesse and ability to administer the state. And we can see through their lies.

Anyway, it’s hard to lie when “the pictures tell a thousand words” – and the great Confuscious can’t be wrong.



Anonymous said...

semoga umno bertambah kuat dan mengekalkan kuasa kerana umno adalah pembelit orang melayu..seronok aku lihat melayu terus mundur..aku paling takut umno kalah sebab jika umno kalah pasti melayu akan maju dan hebat.

UMNO teruskan usaha anda untuk menjahanamkan bangsa melayu agar kami yang bukan bumiputera ini dapat menindas melayu

Anonymous said...

indians betrayed by Pakatan rakyat!...lets turn out and vote for BN this time.
They use us for their stupid victory in PRU 12! is the time to back on track

mahasiswa said...

What Indians Need To Know About PAS?

PAS is an Islamic party that will not behave like UMNO.

PAS akan membela smua rakyat tak kira AGAMA dan BANGSA.. x seperti umno laknat yang membela kroni mereka shj..

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